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What is a preset?

As files that store image specifications designed for Lightroom, the purpose of these presets is to save you more time and pre-set user specifications. usually very impressive.
Some functions of the preset such as: simulate color of film, make photographed human skin whiter, …

Instructions for using Preset Lightroom

Select the photo you need to edit, then click the Edit icon. Then click Presets at the bottom of the edit panel column to open the Presets panel. Click a category title in the Presets panel to see the presets in that category.
To preview how the preset will look on selected image, hover over the preset without clicking. Note that some parameters, settings in the edit panel change.
Tip: This is a useful way to teach yourself about the effects of the different settings.
When you find the preset you like, click the preset to apply it to the selected photo. You can apply multiple presets to the same photo.
You can delete the preset with the Undo command or Revert to Original
If you want to create multiple versions of the currently selected image, each with a different preset, choose Edit> Make a Copy. This creates an additional copy of the photo in your photo library.

Download 2000 Preset Lightroom for Free

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