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How to get a list of free games on steam


How to get a list of free games on steam

Want to enjoy some video games without spending any money? Or keep track them whenever they’re on sales? This is an instruction for beginners on how to use those benefits on Steam.

We all know that Steam (developed by Valve) is one of the most popular video game digital distribution in the World. Most of the time, it’s gonna cost you when you’re purchasing a game on Steam. But did you know when your account is running low, there’s a way to purchase some games without costing any money? Here’s how you can get them.

Getting free for all games:

Step 1:

Log into your Steam account or create one if you haven’t been on Steam yet and go to Steam main page, which is: (advertisement on main page can be varies at different times)


Step 2:

Since Steam now support you to find your games easier, just press on ‘Games’ tab then ‘Free to Play’


Step 3:

Now you can access to all the games that are free on steam and enjoy!


Getting games on season sales or giveaway

Once in a while, Valve with open a big sales season for several kinds of games. Either you can frequently go to check on steam if your games are on sales or not. Or another way is to keep track of your favourite games just by notifications.

Step 1:

Type in search to find your wanted games


Step 2:

Now go to the page and click on ‘Add to your Wishlist’


Now the games that you want is on your wishlist and you will get a notification on your e-mail (the one you registered your Steam with) whenever they’re on sales or have a new information.

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