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internet Tricks : How to view removed messages on Messenger


internet Tricks : How to view removed messages on Messenger

Messenger is a popular messaging application today. This is an application that many people use to communicate, chat and talk with each other on the internet.  Message removal feature on Messenger has been applied to all Facebook accounts for a long time. Then the sender of the message will remove any content they have sent within 10 minutes

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However, many people want to review the removed messages, be it information about account numbers, phone numbers, or pictures without asking the other person, or in urgent need. The KB2A Tool will help you do just that.

Instructions to review deleted messages on Messenger

Step 1:

First of all, we install the KB2A Tool utility on Chrome browser according to the link below
Download - Getfreetricks
Step 2:
Open the chat and text messages on Messenger as usual. Note, the utility will only apply when we are chatting with each other or that person deletes the message in the nearest time when chatting with you. If they delete the message in the previous time, few days or months ago, it cannot be viewed.
Then we will see that the message content has been removed from the chat by the other party. The widget will notify the time when the message was sent and the time the opponent removed.
The image that has been removed from the content of the message will be replaced with the image link below. If you want to see the image, just visit the link to view the image. We can then reload the image if we want.
Note: The extension only works on the Chrome web-based Facebook and Messenger versions of the Chrome browser. The removed message content is not displayed on the application version.

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