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The Best Paid Software for Windows 10

The Best Paid Software for Windows 10-getfreetricks

The Best Paid Software for Windows 10


1. Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365, of course, this is one of the best office applications today, used by many people and companies for their work. Microsoft 365 Family costs $100 per year and includes full Office access for up to six people. As a bonus, it also includes 1TB of OneDrive storage per user, plus 60 minutes of Skype calling per month. Considering that many cloud storage providers charge $10/month for 2TB of cloud storage, getting 1TB of cloud storage each for 6 people at $100/year is a great value. Plus, if everyone uses Office on at least one computer and their mobile device, you’re getting a lot for the money, compared to $70/year for one person.

Buy: Microsoft 365 ($99.99/year for Family or $69.99/year for Personal)

2. Malwarebytes Premium

Malwarebytes-Premium-The Best Paid Software for Windows 10GetFreeTricks

Windows 10 has built-in self-protection feature through windows defender, but with some strict security requirements of some people, that is not enough. And to add to the robustness of the Windows 10 defense system, Malwarebytes Premium is a good choice. This will be the 2nd line of defense to help you protect your computer better.

In addition to the trusted on-demand scanning of the free version, Malwarebytes Premium includes always-on shields, ransomware protection, scheduled scans, and more. If you want to pay for a security tool, this is one to consider. You can also opt for the five-device plan to protect additional computers.

Download: Malwarebytes (Free, $39.99/year for Premium)

3. Grammarly Premium

The Best Paid Software for Windows 10Grammarly-Premium-GetFreeTricks

For $ 29.95 / month for Premium, this is a worthy application for Windows 10 users to take out their wallet to pay. Grammarly is a great application that helps you significantly improve the grammar in documents, articles, reports, or simply messages, emails sent to friends or partners. The application will automatically check your text and find grammatical errors, self-text and give optimal suggestions to correct it to make your text more perfect than ever. And it’s your job to choose which apps click to automatically fix them quickly

Download: Grammarly (Free, from $29.95/month for Premium)

4. Spotify Premium


For music devotees, this must be an indispensable application on their windows. This is one of the top music applications today with a huge music store, diversified in genre and quantity. With Spotify Premium you can comfortably listen to your favorite music from famous music idols from all over the world.

Spotify charges $10 per month (less per person with the Family, Duo, or Student plans) for unlimited access to millions of songs.

5. A Paid VPN

paid vpn - the best paid software for windows 10 - getfreetricks

VPN is a great tool to help you increase your privacy online. For this reason, many Windows users always choose good VPN services to have more peace of mind about security. That’s why VPN services like NordVPN, VPNExpress, HMA … are all good apps to have on your windows.

6. Backblaze

Backblaze -the best paid software for windows 10 - getfreetricks

Although Windows has built-in backup and recovery features, this is just a solution that depends heavily on your hardware. Assuming your computer is stolen, badly damaged or burned in a fire, the risk of your data is still lost. A cloud backup service like Backblaze is thus an essential part of your setup.

For a flat fee you can back up, archive any documents, pictures, or other information you want and more securely store it, the copies are automatically backed up and you can easily manage them to delete or add. from there you can comfortably restore a file or a full backup of data when you need it

7. Groupy


Tabbed browsing is so convenient that you might wish other apps on your computer had the feature too. That’s where Groupy comes in—it’s a straightforward Windows utility that brings tab grouping to all apps.

Simply drag one app window on top of another to group them together. This lets you, for instance, keep tabs from multiple apps together when you’re using them to work on one task. You can save tab groups to easily re-open later, as well as setting Groupy to always group multiple instances of certain apps together.

If you love tabs, this is a few dollars well spent. It’s a great way to organize the dozens of app windows you have floating around.

8. Breevy

Chances are that you type the same snippets of text multiple times per day. How many times have you entered your home address, email address, or a canned email into a text field this week?

Text expansion is a huge productivity booster that’s worth the cost, and Breevy is a great choice for it. The application lets you set up shortcuts (such as @@) that let you expand to a larger block of text (like your email address). This saves you a ton of time—you won’t have to worry about repetitive blocks of text anymore.

Breevy offers more than just text expansion, including thousands of autocorrect entries, folder organization for expansions, dynamic input, and much more. Give the trial a spin and you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

9. A Password Manager


Password management is important because it affects the user’s important personal information. Therefore, choosing a good password manager is a top priority for Windows 10 users. Although there is a lot of free software available today for managing your passwords. However, the paid software of course has more advantages. Meet higher security requirements for users

For example, 1Password provides a smoother interface than LastPass. It also has handy features like the Watchtower, which alerts you to password breaches, and Travel mode, which lets you remove some passwords from your device when crossing borders.

10. DisplayFusion

If you work with multiple monitors, you’ve probably noticed that Windows doesn’t do a whole lot to let you customize them. DisplayFusion adds a ton of functionality in this area, making it well worth the cost if you want to optimize your screen real estate.

Features include customization options like multiple wallpaper profiles, allowing you to create “mini monitors” on each display, dimming inactive monitors, and even scripting that lets you run actions based on triggers. While there’s a limited free version, the Pro licenses start at a one-time $29 purchase for a single computer.

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