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The best Windows 10 customization apps available today [Part1]

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The best Windows 10 customization apps available today [Part 1]

Windows 10 is a friendly operating system that many people love to use. You can do almost anything you want in this operating system through utilities / applications, Here are a few great applications to help you customize Windows 10 to your liking to have another great experience with this operating system.



TaskBarX is a popular Windows 10 system tray application, and it is designed to provide a display environment, enable icons and shortcuts, and allow users to quickly open applications. is most commonly used on the bottom of the screen.

TaskbarX - GetFreeTricks

Windows 10’s TaskbarX app basically allows you to optionally align between taskbar icons and change the look of the taskbar with various effects, such as opacity, transparency, or effect. The acrylic effect is like weathering the Fluent Design.

Download TaskbarX

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EarTrumpet is a volume control app with a clean, modern user interface. EarTrumpet can replace the Windows 10 default taskbar-based interface and volume controls. It also makes managing Windows 10 connected audio devices much simpler.
EarTrumpet comes with a built-in volume mixer, allowing you to manage default audio devices and change volume on individual applications.
Giao diện EarTrumpet khi điều chỉnh âm lượng
EarTrumpet interface when adjusting the volume
EarTrumpet interface when adjusting the volume
In addition, the developers have also integrated the option to quickly mute for web browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge when users visit a website that plays audio in the background. This app places the volume controller in the taskbar and you can quickly access it by clicking on the sound icon.
Once EarTrumpet is installed, you can disable the default volume controls included with Windows 10.

Download EarTrumpet

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Quick Look

The Quick Look feature developed by Apple for macOS provides users with a great way to quickly view the contents of a file (photos, documents, etc.) without having to access the file.
Windows 10 users can also experience this feature by downloading an app of the same name from the Microsoft Store.
Quick LookQuick Look
The QuickLook app for Windows 10 is completely free, allowing you to preview the content of .jpg, .png, .txt files, documents, and more. Once the app is installed and running in the background, you can press SPACEBAR to open the preview and press SPACEBAR again to close the file preview.
By default, the application will add itself to the list of Startup programs and will launch every time you start Windows.

Download Quick Look

Download - Getfreetricks

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